It’s Looking A Bit Black Over Bill’s Mother’s is a new publication covering wildllife, nature emergency, and conservation issues, natural history, walking, running, cycling and more in Sheffield and the northern Peak District.

I’ve been a feature writer and photographer covering these subjects for 30 years, but it’s now a real struggle to make ends meet under the clickbait, personal data and advertising grabbing business model of the vast social media giants with no interest in providing real, trustworthy local news.

I’ve set up this Substack under the wing of the marvellous and supportive Sheffield Tribune. To provide an outlet for in depth news and features in The Outdoor City, we both need your support.

The Tribune has shown that readers are prepared to pay a small subscription for reliable, interesting features, and I’m hoping that my readers will feel the same.

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Paid subscribers are helping me get all this off the ground (thanks everyone!) and will now get a few extra posts every now and then, as well as access to the full archive.

How you help.

Subscribing helps me see how many people are reading, which also helps me get other people to talk to me, so I can generate stories.

And if you like what you read, a £4 / month (or £44 / year) subscription will help me pay the bills to keep covering this stuff.

Finally, do tell your friends, family, colleagues, anyone who might be interested, as the more readers we have here, the better.

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